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My name is Alejandro and my research revolves around gravitational wave physics... although my interests go beyond this field. This is also the reason why I like to deal with all aspects of gravitational waves - the underlying theory, the systems emitting them, and their detection and analysis - as well as with related fields like multi-messenger astronomy and cosmology.

Currently, I am a Post-doctoral Fellow at the University of Hong Kong.

A brief history of Alejandro

I was born in Colombia but moved to Germany with my family when I was ten. There I had the regular life of any cheerful kid who is allowed to explore his little world. At this time I discovered that I am actually more interested in the big world out there than in the (still very impressive and beautiful) world we live in.


To pursue my interests I started my Physics bachelor's degree at the Free University of Berlin... and three semesters later my Math bachelor's degree. I guess, I am simply not content with focusing on only one thing. Afterward, I also finished a master's degree in Physics and another in Mathematics at the Technical University of Berlin. Although both subjects are highly interesting, while writing my Physics thesis I discovered that General Relativity is the field I enjoy the most.

Motivated by the first detection of gravitational waves around the time I finished my Physics master's degree, I decided to look for a PhD position in this direction. During this search, I met Pau Amaro-Seoane and later Xian Chen, who not only became my supervisors but also mentors and friends. By the way... all this happened at Peking University where I graduated with a Ph.D. in astrophysics in 2021. While doing my Ph.D. I joined the LISA consortium where I have been an active member of the Astrophysics Working Group and the Multi-Messenger Astrophysics Work Package.


After my Ph.D., I moved to the TianQin Center for Gravitational Physics where I worked for two years as a Post-doctoral Researcher. It was a great experience to be part of a highly motivated team working on such an ambitious project and I look forward to continuing to contribute to TianQin's success.

Recently, I joined Prof. Lixin (Jane) Dai's group at the University of Hong Kong as a Post-doctoral Fellow. Here I will continue my research on gravitational waves while having the opportunity to further expand my knowledge about their electromagnetic counterparts.

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